3 Months FREE Membership

In a promotion of our new ‘keyed’ club membership, The Peninsula Aquatic Club is excited to announce 3 months free membership when registering for an annual membership throughout July 2020.


It’s winter, but we’re still out there enjoying calm water paddles & sailing on the bay.  If you haven’t already renewed your membership for the 2020 season, this is great way to support your local Aquatic Club, get on the water for the last 3 moths of our 2020 season, while renewing your membership in advance for the 2021 season.

Our new vessel storage option is becoming popular with new members storing their sailing and paddling vessels at the club for personal use.  Take advantage of this great new club feature.

Do you know of a local business or individual who would like to support the club with a Social Membership?  The club is holding a fabulous BBQ & Day on the Water in December for our social members.  A great way to celebrate our community, it’s resources and healthy activity, while supporting your local Aquatic Club.

Jump aboard ! Get your paddling & sailing arms prepared for our season launch in October.


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