3 Months FREE Membership

In a promotion of our new 'keyed' club membership, The Peninsula Aquatic Club is excited to announce 3 months free membership when registering for an annual membership throughout July 2020. It's winter, but we're still out there enjoying calm water paddles & sailing on the bay.  If you haven't already renewed your membership for the… Continue reading 3 Months FREE Membership


Apply for a membership for the new Summer season!

You could be on the water today! Paddle a tandem kayak on the beautiful Tasman Peninsula, sail a sabot on Parsons Bay, enjoy seasonal family days or get along to the Women's 'Surf and Spa' days at Roaring Beach and Eaglehawk Neck - relaxing in the spa at Parsons Bay Retreat after a salty surf. Access… Continue reading Apply for a membership for the new Summer season!